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10th Annual St. Piran’s Day Festivities

Saturday was St Piran’s Day in Grass Valley it began with a festive flair.*
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The St. Piran celebration included speeches, initiations, singing,  pastie making contests, the Pastie Olympics… and the highlight of course, the Pastie Toss Off between the Grass Valley and Nevada City mayors. The winner of this year’s toss-off was Mayor Dan Miller. He said it was time to bring the trophy back from Nevada City.
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Miller gave credit to Nevada City Mayor Sally Harris for teaching him how to make the successful toss.
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The master of ceremonies for the10th year in a row, was City Councilman and 40 year resident of Grass Valley, Howard Levine.
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Throughout the event there was one traditional cheer that was heard after something significant was said or sung
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The celebration lasted about an hour or so and fun was had by all that attended.

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