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115th Cherry Festival in North San Juan

The 115th Annual Cherry Festival is being celebrated on Saturday up in the town of North San Juan. Event organizer, Jessica Grey, says that there will be a lot of activities taking place.

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The event began over a century ago when cherries was a major crop produced on the Ridge. However, over the years the cherries have diminished and this year, Grey says they are going to start a new tradition to bring back the once abundant crop.

Click here to listen to Jessica Grey

Though there are still cherries on some private property around the area, Grey says the intent is to add a new tree each year.
The Cherry Festival begins with the parade in North San Juan at 10:00 AM on Saturday. Traffic is temporarily rerouted around town during the parade. Following the parade the rest of the activities take place at the Activities & Improvement Center also located in North San Juan.

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