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$1500 Donation to the Every 15-Minutes Program

State funding for the Death every 15-minutes program,  the live demonstration of the consequences of teen drinking and driving, shown Thursday and today (Friday) was cut drastically due to the state budget deficit and subsequent cuts. CHP Officer Marc Morrison says Nevada Union high school had to commit to a great deal of fundraising to keep the program going. Even with such efforts, the school had fallen sadly short of its goal to cover the costs.

CHP on every 15 funds

That message got to the ear of President and founder of the Nevada county Law Enforcement and Fire Protection council Bill Drown who headed over to the school to present them with a check for $15 hundred dollars.

Bill Drown on donation to every 15

The program continues today with the mock funeral as parents read good bye letters to their children and the students share their experiences. the Death every 15-minutes program which illustrates the fact that a teen dies every 15 minutes due to driving under the influences and encourages students to not drink and drive and not to get into a vehicle with someone who is under the influence … If you would like to make a donation to the program it’s not too late , you can contact Nevada Union High School”s Tammy Shurt for more information.

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