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2-1-1 Nevada County Goes Full Time

If you dial 2-1-1 in Nevada County, you can now talk to a live person and get referrals for services available, 24 hours a day. The agency held an open house to show off their expanded call center this afternoon (Thursday). Erica Glenn is one of six specialists who answers the phones. She works in the call center on Brunswick Road in the I-H-S-S Public Authority office, but also works about 3 nights a week at home, where she gets calls, thanks to a laptop computer…

Listen to Erica Glenn

Many calls are for basic information, like assistance with the food bank or housing, or just wanting to know what time the fireworks start at the fairgrounds. Carla Boone also works in the call center and at home, and says she enjoys her job…

Listen to Carla Boone

The service went all local last month. Prior to that, you could call 24 hours a day, but would be transferred to a Sacramento call center after business hours.

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