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2 Arrested in Auburn on Drug Charges

Following a phone call from a concerned Auburn City resident, saying 2 men were smoking pot in a car outside an apartment complex, Officers from the Auburn Police Department contacted Stanislav Carpenco of Citrus Heights and Ruslan Kochkin of Orangevale in a parked vehicle at an apartment complex in the city of Auburn.  Sergeant Scott Alford with the Auburn Police Department describes what they found at the scene.

“We spoke to them and they were in fact smoking and drinking alcohol in the vehicle at the time. That led to a search of the vehicle where the officers located hashish, containers of marijuana, baggies, a scale, different things. They also came across the cash, which was several thousands of dollars and some additional evidence that led the officers to believe that the marijuana was for sale, unlawfully. Subsequently, the suspects were arrested.”

Carpenco and Kochkin were arrested and are currently in custody in the Placer County Jail facing drug charges. 

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