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2010 Nevada County Crop Report

Nevada County’s Agricultural Commissioner, Jeff Pylman has released the Nevada County 2010 Annual Crop Report and says the total value of agricultural crop production was just over 10 point 4 million dollars.  That is a drop of about $2 million from the previous year. The timber Industry took the biggest hit with a decrease in value of $1.7 million, mostly due to a drop in demand for construction materials.

As Commissioner Pylman was presenting his findings to the Board of Supervisors November 8th meeting, Supervisor Terry Lamphier asked an interesting question.

“The controversial subject of marijuana cultivation, would that be a crop? Is that something that you look at or think about looking at or is that some outside category here wouldn’t apply. It’s not considered a commodity by USDA, it’s considered a controlled substance from the DEA, therefore, we don’t have any dealings with it as far as crop reports or pest control issues or anything like that.”

Considering the clandestine nature of marijuana grows it would be very difficult to gather that information.  Back to the report, Pylman also said Wine grape production dropped by 31 percent. Yields were significantly down, due primarily to hail and frost at critical moments. On the plus side, the total number of organic growers has increased by 37 percent with a total increase of acres under organic certification of 47 percent. Also the number of sites for noxious weeds decreased overall, though musk thistle infestations are on the rise.  The top six crops in the county are cattle and calves, Pasture/Rangeland/ Timber, Wine Grapes, Fruit and Vegetables, and Nursery Stock.

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