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25th Anniversary of 49er Fire

Today is the 25th anniversary of the start of the 49er Fire  in Nevada County.  That fire over the next several days grew to 33,500 acres and forced some 4,000 people to evacuate.  Nevada County Fire Safe Council Executive Director Joanne Drummond says having an evacuation plan in place, both then and now,  is crucial to guarding your families safety and  you can get emergency preparedness help on their website.
click here to listen to Joanne Drummond
At one time or another 4 to 5 thousand homes were in the path of the 49er fire.  It destroyed 144 homes and 219 other structures ,  including 89 cars and trucks and 17 boats and trailers. An estimated $22.7 million dollars in damage, including contents, was attributed to the 49er fire.  An itinerant man setting some toilet paper on fire off Highway 49 near North San Juan is blamed for starting the 49er fire on September 11th, 1988. It burned down through Lake Wildwood and Penn Valley into Rough and Ready and was finally brought under control on September 16th.

click here to link to the Fire Safe Council’s Emergency Preparedness Guide.

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