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30 Extra CHP on DUI Patrol Saturday Night

A sea of Black and White CHP Patrol cars will be making their presence known in Nevada County on Saturday Night of the Fair.  Grass Valley CHP Commander, Lt. David Qualls says he has received grant funds to flood the area with an additional 30 officers from Sacramento to conduct DUI enforcement.

“They’re going to meet at the CHP office off of Brunswick at around 6:00. There will be a big briefing. There will be a mobile laboratory so that they can take blood at that location.”

  Lt. Qualls says there is no reason with all the education efforts in place that we still have DUI arrests and related accidents.

“If you want to go to the fair or out to any other location in Nevada County and consume alcohol as an adult, you have a right to do that. But you have a responsibility to your fellow citizens to be responsible when you do that and have a designated driver. Have a $20 bill in your pocket. Have a list of friends that you can call.”

Since January 1st of this year the Grass Valley CHP office alone has conducted 158 DUI arrests, 59 of those involved collisions and 41 people were injured.

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