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David Alkire Announces Run For District Attorney

The David Alkire  for District Attorney 2014 campaign kicked off this past weekend .   According to an Alkire media release the event attracted a broad spectrum of attendees including disgruntled victims of crime and a significant number of local attorneys, .  KNCO news reached the candidate yesterday and he explained why he is running.
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Cliff Newell is the current District Attorney and has announced he is running for re-election for what would be a third term.

alkireAlkire, who is 68 has been a practicing attorney in Nevada County for  10 years and prior to that worked In Monterey and Los Angeles County.
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Alkire says he has the endorsement of the bargaining committee of the Nevada County Attorney’s Association, which includes  non-management attorneys employed by the  Nevada County District Attorney’s and Public Defender’s offices.

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Alkire says he closed his law office late last year to avoid any conflicts of interest.

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