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Trails Easement Closed for Two More Years

A hop scotch series of trail easements through the Golden Oaks, LodeStar Unit 2, and Sunshine Valley subdivisions will remain closed to the public a little while longer.
On a unanimous vote the Nevada county Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday that the series of easements require more survey work and environmental study before any decision can be made on what to do with them. For the past year discussions have been underway with neighborhood groups, county planning , and the Bear Yuba Land Trust who would ultimately build the trails. Talks have broken down with  the Sunshine Valley Homeowners association who have hired an attorney to represent their interests. Sunshine Valley is the gateway to access easements in the Lodestar subdivision. The present closure order was set to expire Aug 31,2014   and in light of potential legal action, Supervisor Hank Weston agreed with the Planning Department recommendation to close  the easements to the public for two more years.
click here to listen to Supervisor Weston

The Board voted unanimously for the resolution to keep the trail easements closed to the public for two more years and they directed a budget sub-committee to find money for surveys and environmental studies. The county is also in talks with the Bear Yuba Land Trust to  construct the trails.

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