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420, Huh?

Have you heard the term 420 and wondered what it meant. Apparently the term has become synonymous with marijuana use. Now you may be wondering, how did the term 420 become associated with pot? A number of myths have developed over the years and KNCO went to the streets and phones to see what people think about how the term originated. Some teenagers had interesting thoughts.
Click here to listen to what teens think.

An ASA-Nevada County representative had a similar story.
Click here to listen to ASA-NC Representative

Local law enforcement also supported the time story- but with a bit more detail.
Click here to listen to local Law Enforcement

After digging a bit deeper, the San Rafael High School connection and the search for a marijuana crop was confirmed by a source that was actually a student at the school at the time, and one more piece of the puzzle fell into in place.
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And from that day forward it began to build momentum and has become a cultural phenomenon that has spread across the country and even internationally.

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