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4500 Votes Still to be Counted as Canvass Begins

Voting is done in the June primary election, but the counting of the votes continues. Elections officials took yesterday off from counting votes after a long election night Tuesday, but today, what’s called the ‘canvass’ begins. Nevada County Assistant Clerk-Recorder Sandra Sjoberg says there are still about 45-hundred ballots that need to be counted and verified…

Listen to Sandra Sjoberg 1

The last-minute dropoffs need to verified, and were not run through the counting machines Tuesday night. Sjoberg explains what a provisional ballot is…

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And then there are the two-hundred or so ‘voted but not scanned’…

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Sjoberg says they have until the end of the month to get all of the ballots tabulated and verified. There are no local races that are expected to change as the result of the votes that have not yet been counted.

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