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4H Celebrates 4H Week With Window Displays

The second week of f October is 4H week and to celebrate, 4H clubs have decorated merchant windows in downtown Grass Valley. There are 6 displays depicting the theme of this years’ event, “Join the Revolution of Responsibility.” Grass Valley co-leader Joanne Drummond says 4H is much more then animal husbandry and these window displays are just one example.

“It’s not just animal husbandry anymore. Traditionally, 4-H was associated with raising animals for the fair, but these days we have everything from rocketry to drama to sewing to GPS units. So there is definitely a lot more that is offered at 4-H these days.”

The window displays can be found at The Bamboo store, Foothill Mercantile, The bookseller, Mill Street clothing, Cousin Jack’s Pasties, and Swenson’s on Mill Street.

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