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50 years for the Roamin’ Angels

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Roamin’ Angels Car Club, the Nevada County Fairgrounds once again plays host to the Annual Roamin’ Angels Car Show.
The local car club is rich with history. Club president Ron Cherry explains how the original members in1962 took the lead from a popular novel at the time,  and created the the club.

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The drag strip never materialized, but the Roamin’ Angels were born.
This year’s show is the13th annual and provides activities for car enthusiasts of all ages.

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The show itself focuses on American Cars from 1972 or before. Coincidentally that is what it tales to become a member of the Roamin’ Angels- own an American car 1972 or older.

The cars are exciting, but the Angel’s offer more to the community than just cool cars. The Club is very active in raising money for a variety of community organizations and causes. As Ron Cherry puts it….

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The Roamin’ Angels Car Show is Saturday and Sunday Sept 8 and 9 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.


September 3, 2012


This group does very good work for the community, they're great. Unfortunately, I only own foreign cars. :(

September 3, 2012

M. Martin

If you miss this, your missing out on something good.
And it's right here in our town.

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