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71 Year Old Charged With Assault

A 71 year old North San Juan woman has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. On Tuesday, the woman’s dogs escaped from her property and she was going to her neighbors house looking for them. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says that there’s been some history between the two sides.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Royal

Royal says the older male on the property said, that even though the suspect had allegedly shot the man with a shotgun several years ago, he would help find her dogs. His wife, though, was not as friendly and the woman, Artemesia Lee attempted to drive away–backing up and then putting the vehicle in drive.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Royal

Lee then drove away but did stop when she came across a sheriff’s deputy responding to a 911 call. After returning to the property with the deputy and piecing the stories together, Lee was taken into custody and charged with assault with a deadly weapon for striking the victim with her vehicle.

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