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Ebola vs. Flu


With so much news about the Ebola virus in Africa, and a couple of cases in the United States, one local doctor says that attention is being taken away from something more important. Click here to listen to Dr. Brian … Read more >

Pepper Spray Assault Leads to Arrest

Sheriff's Office

A woman upset with her ex-boyfriend ends up going to jail after pepper spraying him…twice in one afternoon. According to Sheriff Captain Jeff Pettitt the victim was walking home with his school aged child when his ex-girlfriend spotted him. Click … Read more >

Little Shop of Horrors at BRHS


Click here to listen to Singers Just in time for Halloween, Bear River High School Dramatics presents ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, the somewhat creepy, but comical love story of a plant shop owner who is able to win over his … Read more >

Three Arrested after Citizen Pursuit on 49


Three suspects arrested following a pursuit by a citizen who was able to point law enforcement to the individuals. Nevada County Sheriff Captain Jeff Pettitt tells KNCO that the events began within the Grass Valley City limits following an alleged … Read more >


What better time then now to say, “NO!” to sugar? I have been toying with the idea for awhile and as the “eating season” was fast approaching, I decided to give it a try. Who knows, maybe save myself 10 … Read more >

Suspect in Truckee Carjacking was in Grass Valley


An attempted carjacking in Truckee caught on surveillance video. According to a Truckee Police Department Press release, the suspect Nathan Jones, 29 was jumping on cars and breaking windows in the area of Bridge St. and Donner Pass Rd. A … Read more >

ERC to Host Annual Economic Event


The Nevada County Economic Resource Council is preparing to host its annual economic development event. The 2015 Annual Regional Economic Development Summit- “Winning the Jobs War: The Sierra Foothills Road Map for Success” event is going to take place a … Read more >

Not a Bright Idea to Steal Bright Objects


It wasn’t the brightest idea two individuals had when they decided to burglarize a vacant house and take some brightly colored items in bright daylight. Grass Valley Police Lt. Steve Johnson says that an officer was investigating a burglary that … Read more >

Lamphier Under Investigation for Child Pornography


Nevada County officials, including Sheriff Keith Royal-commenting for the first time on the investigation into Supervisor Terry Lamphier and possible criminal activity. With the county complying to a media request of some of Lamphier’s internet communications, Royal also answered some … Read more >

Car Alarms Draw Attention to Prowler


It was car alarms and witnesses that helped ID a suspected burglar in a Sutton Way shopping center parking lot Monday morning around 9:50 AM. Click here to listen to Lt Steve Johnson The responding officer got a description of … Read more >