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A Call for Men

Many people think of what support groups are available for women when it comes to domestic violence. This Thursday, the Nevada County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition along with Roseville-based Women Escaping  A Violent Environment (WEAVE) is hosting an event for men. A Call to Men is a 90 minute session focused on what men can do to help lessen domestic violence.
Click here to listen to Ernest Brown

Ernest Brown of WEAVE says the event will cover several aspects of domestic violence prevention support-  including its not ok to stay silent.
Click here to listen to Ernest Brown

The Call for Men is Thursday evening from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the DVSAC offices 960 McCourtney Rd Suite E.  (530-272-2046)
Follow-up meetings and activities will also be discussed following the general session.

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