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A Death Every 15-Minutes

Nevada Union High School was the scene of the annual Mock car accident called a Death Every 15-minutes Thursday. Law enforcement, Fire, Ambulance and other first responders along with volunteer students and their parents demonstrate the experience of a fatal car accident due to driving under the influence of alcohol. Samantha a Junior at NU said the sight of the car crash of the foot ball field was scary.

NU Student Sam on every 15

The accident was only part of the program. Law Enforcement like CHP Officer Greg Tassone went to the home of a student involved to tell the parents their child died in an accident.

NU Every 15 CHP Informs parent

Dave is also a junior who got the message

NU Student Dave on every 15

The program continues tomorrow where students will attend the funeral of their classmate and parents will read good bye letters to their son or daughter. The hope is that the death every 15-minutes program will prevent these young people from driving under the influence or from distracted driving and to not get into a car with someone who is under the influence.

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