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A Great Start to The 22nd Nevada County Food and Toy Run

It sounded like roaring thunder as almost 2000 motorcycles fired up their engines for the 22nd Annual Nevada County Food and Toy Run. About 10 minutes before the start, event organizer Thom Staser was over whelmed with the turnout.*
Click here to listen to Thom Staser

Because of the Nevada County Food and Toy Run, a lot of local families will have an early Christmas, when they may not have had one at all.
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The food is purchased by the organizers of the event, but the toys come from the bikers.
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One local rider participates in many toy runs and this his 15th time in the Nevada County Toy Run.
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The excitement at the Nevada County Fairgrounds was even greater as the bikes arrived and the families prepared to receive their gifts.


December 14, 2013

John Deschaine

The biker's also donate food not just toys

December 14, 2013


What a great event, too bad there are some RUDE people that just had to cut in the middle with their cars, causing alot of the cycles to get left way behind & one was even a Sherriff's car, bet these rude people didn't even have any toys for the kids, there are always those few that ruin it for everyone else but is still a great event, thank you Toy Run, you people & Tom are so awesome, you make the world a better place!

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