Tom Fitzsimmons

Tom Fitzsimmons


Tom Fitzsimmons is the Program Director for Nevada County Broadcasters, and morning show host at KNCO NewsTalk 830, but his favorite job is being husband to Roxanne and Dad to his daughter's Katie and Kelly, and step dad to Tyson and Megan. Tom and Roxanne just became grandparents with the birth of Megan's daughter, Hazel Virginia. Tom also is the voice of High School Football and Basketball play by play. His hobbies include playing and watching all sports and taking long hikes both locally and in the Sierras with his dog, Angel. He also has taken up distance running and just started to get into road cycling.

A New Pope

Not sure if you listened to Fitzsimmons and Flores talk show on Monday, but we had Father Sylvester from St. Patrick’s on air to talk about the selection of a new Pope, Francis I.  I was born and raised Catholic…Irish Catholic at that, back in Jersey City…and if you listened, found out I am not a practicing Catholic.  However, I am very excited and pleased that the Church has a new Pontiff from Latin America, and a Jesuit too!!  My Dad went to St. Peter’s, a Jesuit college in Jersey City…and both my daughters have had Jesuit educations as well.  (Guess it skips generations)  I believe Pope Francis will bring a new spirit of service and compassion to the world.  All the best to him and to you.

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