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A Warrant Check Leads to Drug Related Arrest

A warrant check on a known felon ended up with fresh arrest charges.
Nevada County Sheriff’s deputies were checking on a suspect with a number of warrants out for his arrest when they were surprised when the suspect tried to hide. Captain Jeff Pettitt says that deputies arrived at the address where 33 year old Justin Montgomery was staying and noticed a garage door that was opened enough for them to see someone inside. That person quickly scrambled away and disappeared in the rear of the garage. The residence was familiar to some of the officers on scene.

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Montgomery,-Justin_new1Montgomery did not cooperate with the deputies and tazers were deployed.

Click here to listen to Captain Jeff Pettitt

Eventually Montgomery was extracted from beneath the house and was taken into custody. A quantity of methamphetamine and paraphernalia was subsequently located and Montgomery was booked on his outstanding warrants, resisting arrest, and drug related charges.

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August 14, 2014


Wow another bust from Nevada county!!! Too bad it's not a dealer or supplier !! Just another person that is subject to addiction! Why don't they try to make some real arrests and get the people distributing the drugs to our communities!! Nevada county is a joke! Really sad how pathetic the cops are! Not once have I seen an arrest of a known drug dealer/supplier. Really sad how the cops have let meth become an epidemic in our community!

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