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AAA Reminds Drivers of State Laws Regulating Transport of Children

AAA reminds anyone transporting children that a new state law that went into effect January 1st requires children under the age of 8 must be properly buckled into a car or booster seat in the back seat.  This replaces the old law that stated children under 6 and 60 pounds must ride in a car or booster seat in the back seat of a vehicle.

“What this states is that now parents have to keep their children in the back seat until the age of eight in a booster seat and if they’re younger than eight, in a child safety passenger seat firmly buckled until the age of eight. It’s no longer the age of six or 60 pounds.”

Overall holiday travel in California AAA reports more people traveled by car for their holiday destinations representing a 2.5 percent increase compared to last year.  Air travel was down with a significant drop of 9.9 percent and people traveling by ferries and trains accounted for a 2 and a half percent increase compared to last year.

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