Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Act of Kindness… or Torture….

Last Saturday morning, after returning from being out of town for a week, I woke up early to attempt another 5k-athon. First of all, I almost missed the start… thinking it was supposed to be at 8:30. However, I did arrive in time to get registered. Before I knew it… we were off on the Harmony Run in support of the Nevada Union High School Choir.

Still feeling a bit shaky from my time away, I thought I started conservatively… but apparently not so much… I found myself gasping for air in the heat as the run climbed the slight incline in front of the high school.

Going down hill was a bit better… but the effects of the prior week were building as my vision blurred, and my body lumbered along. It seemed like forever before I re-entered the high school campus… struggling to stay upright… when an angel appeared just off my left shoulder with about a quarter mile to go.

She ran easily staying one step behind me… in a relaxed voice..she said, “keep going…you can beat me… keep going…you are doing good…”

My body tried to slow… but the running angel slowed too… refusing to run by me.

She just kept saying, “almost there.” As we approached the finish chute she said, “good for you” and she asked for my race number and veered off to the other side.

After I was doused with cold water and slowly regained my composure (it wasn’t a pretty sight), I looked up and from a distance I saw the angel as she waved… then disappeared with her friends.

I know I wouldn’t have run the final bit if the angel had not magically appeared. And believe it or not- I actually improved my time because of her support.

So you tell me— was it an act of kindness… or an act of torture.

Thank you Running Angel.

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