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Affordable Housing Solutions Coming to Nevada County

A number of affordable homes with favorable financing terms will soon be available in Nevada and nearby counties.  Through a  partnership between the Regional Housing Authority of Sutter and Nevada Counties , The California Affordable Housing Agency and Cascadia Equity Leasing , 25 homes will initially be available with a lease to purchase option. Housing Authority Executive Director, Linda Nichols, says its a great partnership.
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Nichols says that the program isnt necessarily for low-income families, however the program can be combined with other offerings.
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According to Nichols there are other options for current homeowners available through the program as well.
Click here to listen to Linda Nichols

Since the home acquisition criteria include affordability and there is no up-front purchase down payment, the program broadly targets workforce families.

For more information on the program  visit the website, http://www.thinktrio.com/california-preapply.

Nichols beleives this program gives more people a better chance at achieving homeownership. And that’s at the core of the Housing Authority  mission.

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