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Ag Program at NU Teaches Far More than Farming

A lot of people think about farming and growing things when they think of agriculture. What high school students in Agriculture Education Classes at Nevada Union discover it is much more than just growing things. Students in the Ag Program participate in a three ring model of education- Classroom /laboratory instruction; supervised agricultural experience programs or work-based learning; and Future Farmers of America which in itself has multiple layers of education and participation. One NU student says that the classroom experience includes what other students are learning in traditional classes, but the focus takes an in-depth look at agriculture specific issues.
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The same student is also developing critical thinking and public speaking skills through a competitive speech aspect of FFA.
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And through the Forestry Judging program the same student is learning and reinforcing math skills.
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Science, public speaking, and math are just three areas that agriculture education at Nevada Union supports.
For moreĀ  information about the NU Agriculture EducationĀ  Program contact the Nevada Union High School Office.

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