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Agent Orange Expert to speak to Local Veterans

The Chair of the Agent Orange Committee for the California State council of Vietnam Veterans of America is coming to Grass Valley Thursday evening (Mar. 7) to discuss problems associated with  exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam as well as toxic materials our servicemen and women were exposed to during the Persian Gulf War and Iraq.  Bill Hodges says the Vietnam Veterans of America is concerned that the lack of response by the Veteran’ s Administration to health problems resulting from exposure to dioxin is being repeated with health problems stemming from exposure to toxic materials in recent wars.
Agent-Orange           click to hear Bill Hodges

Hodges says there is an October deadline looming to extend benefits for Agent Orange exposure.  He explains what happens if Congress does not act.
click to hear Bill Hodges

Because of the importance of this topic to many veterans, the Vietnam Veterans of America is pleased to invite all veterans and their families to join the discussion with Bill Hodges. March 7th at 6:00 p.m.  in the Remembrance Room at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Building.

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