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Air Quality Warning Remains In Place

The air quality advisory from the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District continues to be in place today and will likely be re-issued for a couple more days while fires in Southern Oregon and the Southern Sierras continue to burn. According to Air District Spokesperson Joe Fish, the advisory was put in place yesterday afternoon.
Click here to listen to Joe Fish

Fish says the smoke moves back and an forth as the valley temperatures rise and fall throughout the day.
Click here to listen to Joe Fish

smokemap07-31If you smell smoke, or see smoke around you, consider restricting your outside activities until the potential for poor air quality subsides. Studies have linked fine particulate matter (smoke) with significant health problems, respiratory related hospital admissions, aggravated asthma, acute respiratory symptoms (including severe chest pain, gasping, and aggravated coughing), chronic bronchitis, and decreased lung function.

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