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Al Bulf-Candidate for District 1 Supervisor

Nevada County Supervisor District 1 candidate Al Bulf says he got the inclination to run after giving public comment to the current board of Supervisors about improving education and also suggested that public bathrooms and a coffee shop should be added to the new Tinloy Street Bus station.

“The supervisors boohooed and referred me to somebody else, you know, passed the buck sort of thing.”

He recounted to some friends about what had happened at the board meeting and says they urged him to run.

“I decided that along with some urgings of my friends who helped set up the farmers market in Nevada City to run for Supervisor because these guys need to be retired. Looking at this county and seeing what’s not going on and should go on and people complaining to me about high fuel prices and no decent public transportation. I intend to make some changes.”

Bulf who was born in San Francisco and was raised on a fruit ranch in the Mt. Vernon area of Auburn spent 39 years working at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and has a degree in Urban Transportation from Sac State. Top on his to do list if elected District 1 supervisor would be to rebuild and modernize the rail corridor between Nevada City/Grass Valley and Colfax. Other candidates who have entered the District 1 Supervisors race are incumbent Nate Beason, Sue McGuire and Lou Meyer.

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