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Gaines Gearing Up For New Elected Position

Nevada County is going to need another state senator, with Ted Gaines being elected to the State Board of Equalization earlier the month. Gaines is leaving his current job midterm, after an opening came up on the Board this year, … Read more >

Jobless Rate Lowest Ever For October

It’s the lowest October unemployment rate ever recorded for Nevada County. At three-point-three percent, it’s up just a-tenth of a point from September, according to the latest numbers from the State Employment Development Department. That’s also three-tenths of a point … Read more >

T-Mobile Grass Valley Robbed Again

For the second month in a row, the Grass Valley T-Mobile store, on Nevada City Highway, has been robbed by suspects from the Sacramento area. Police Captain Steve Johnson says the latest incident was around 7:45 Thursday night… click to … Read more >

Park Pickleball Courts Officially Open Saturday

It caused a little bit of controversy at first, but everything seems to be fine now at Grass Valley’s Memorial Park, where the new pickle ball courts will officially open tomorrow. City Manager Tim Kiser says they are already in … Read more >

Respirator Masks Not A Cure-All For Smoky Air

If you want to wear a mask during these smoky days, the effectiveness can vary. Nevada County Public Health Officer, Doctor Ken Cutler, says dust and surgical masks don’t filter out much of the polluting particles and that the best … Read more >

NID Rescinds Centennial Dam Spending Cap

In a surprising move, the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors has announced, after a closed session, that they are rescinding a resolution, hastily passed at a special meeting last month, that would have placed a spending cap on the … Read more >

Mothers Of Victims React To Distura Guilty Plea

The mother of Justin Gardner, one of the students killed in a DUI crash in Merced County last March, Kim Browning, says the proceeding where the driver, Sabrina Distura, pleaded guilty to two vehicular homicide charges was very emotional… click … Read more >

Smoky Air Closes Nevada County Schools

Because of the bad air, classes will not be held at most, if not all, schools in Nevada County on Friday. We’ve confirmed that the list, so far, includes the Nevada Joint Union High School District, the Grass Valley School … Read more >

Smoky Air Expected To Stick Around For Awhile

It doesn’t take a meteorologist to know that the air quality is bad, but they are predicting that it’s not going to get better anytime soon. Air quality specialist Sam Longmire at the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District says … Read more >

Guilty Plea In DUI Deaths Of Two NU Students

The woman charged in a drunk driving crash earlier this year that killed two Nevada Union High School students in Merced County has pleaded guilty. County prosecutor Travis Colby says Sabrina Distura, 21 at the time of her arrest has … Read more >

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