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‘Raise 80′ Open House Today


If you have any questions about the upcoming I-80 closure and detour through Grass Valley and Nevada City, you can ask them this evening… Listen to Rochelle Jenkins 1 Caltrans spokeswoman Rochelle Jenkins says the closure will be during the … Read more >

Mandatory Water Restrictions Enacted


Statistics show Nevada County water users have done a good job cutting back during the drought, but water restrictions are now mandatory. As part of a state requirement, Nevada City will announce restrictions at the City Council meeting tonight. Users … Read more >

Forestry Bills Move Though Legislature


North State Assemblyman Brian Dahle had two bills successfully move through the legislature and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. The two bills revised forestry and timber laws. The first bill addressed a 40 year old law dictating the … Read more >

State Plastic Bag Bill Slows in Assembly


A bill banning single use plastic bags in California has stalled in the Assembly. Nevada County Assemblyman Brian Dahle is a member of the Natural Resources Subcommittee and spoke out against the bill in Monday’s session of the Assembly. Click … Read more >

LaMalfa Wants Increases In Military Spending


Is the United States military prepared to take on world challenges? Congressman Doug LaMalfa. In an interview with KNCO, LaMalfa states that he is concerned our current military is not at a level that projects strength and can respond efficiently … Read more >

North San Juan Cafe Burglarized


A popular eating establishment and center of the North San Juan community was burglarized over the weekend. The Ridge Cafe was broken into either late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Co-owner Christina Reese tells KNCO that a potential suspect … Read more >

Outdoor Events Ordinance Approved In Final Reading


Nevada County Supervisors have narrowly approved an outdoor events ordinance that will go into effect in December. In the second reading of the ordinance at their meeting today (Tuesday), the board voted 3-2 to limit outdoor events to four per … Read more >

Furniture Maker Wins Battle With Board


A Lake of the Pines veteran is going to be able to keep his hobby of making furniture… Listen to Dennis Kocher 1 Dennis Kocher (coker) says this puts an end to a five-week ordeal after someone complained to the … Read more >

Damsels in Defense Battle Domestic Violence


Domestic violence in Nevada County is an ongoing issue. One woman, local high school teacher Lori Osmond, is trying to make a difference by helping women prepare for or avoid a possible assault. Osmond is a trainer with Damsels in … Read more >

NUHS Closed Campus Successful Start


Nevada Union High School is implementing a closed campus this year and so far it is going relatively well. The intent of closing the campus was to help alleviate discipline problems occurring as a result of off-campus behavior. Principal Dan … Read more >