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Alleged Domestic Violence of Newborn’s Mother Leads to Arrest

Alcohol was a likely factor in a domestic violence incident on Ball Road in Alta Sierra Monday night. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says the incident started when the mother of a one week old infant was changing the child’s diapers, and the father came in and started a fight. The Sheriff says the female victim was grabbed by the throat.
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After the victim was able to get away the suspect went out side and continued drinking. The Victim did not receive serious injury. 26 Year old Arlis Lee of Grass Valley was taken into custody for suspicion of domestic violence.

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August 27, 2013


Dear Sheriff, we have a very serious alcohol problem in Nevada County in case you haven't noticed. It's leading to an epidemic of crime, violence and death and there's not much you seem to be doing to help address it, even though you have a rabid approach to other less harmful drugs. Is it because alcohol is your personal drug of choice? Please try to focus on that #1 recreational drug problem instead of wasting massive amounts of time and money on less serious issues. Thanks, A Concerned Citizen

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