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Alleged Suspect in Home Invasion Pleads Not Guilty

A suspect in a home invasion case pleads not guilty to all counts and remains out on his Own Recognizance at least until April 3. Assistant District Attorney, Anna Ferguson says suspect Devin Thomas, 18,  has been charged by the District Attorney’s Office for allegedly committing a number of crimes around a violent December 6th push-in robbery and assault in Grass Valley CA.
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Devin Thomas, through his attorney David Silber, denied any knowledge or participation in the events regarding the brutal attack,  robbery, burglary, and conspiracy charges. Thomas, who self surrendered on February 21, remains out of custody on OR until his April 3rd felony conference hearing.
Click here to listen to Anna Ferguson

At last three suspects have been identified through the investigation. Two other suspects are minors and the District Attorney has yet to decide if they will be charged as a adults due to the nature of the violent attack during the December incident.

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