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Alta Sierra County Club Seeks Property Tax Adjustment

A number of parcels that all make up the Alta Sierra County Club and Golf Course went   before the Assessment Appeals Board of Nevada County August 15th to request a property tax  reduction. The properties that had assessed values of about $5 million 3 to 4 years ago are now considered to be worth about half that amount.  Jack Kidder is the President of the Board of Directors of the Alta Sierra County Club and a retired real estate appraiser, and it turns out also holds a seat on the Assessment Appeals Board.

“I am presently the Chairman of the Nevada County Assessment of Appeals Board, which puts me in a position where I obviously have to recues myself in this matter.”

Mr. Kidder says Alta Sierra Country Club is surviving the drop in membership from a high of 398 in 2004    two thirds of that today. He says the Board decision to re-hire John Rensloe as manager of the Alta Sierra Country Club Properties has been fruitful.

“About three years ago we hired John Rensloe, who is a PGA professional as our general manager and is a very outstanding management golf course person. That’s been our salvation at this point.”

There are 9 properties of the Alta Sierra County Club that are going before the assessment appeals board today with the request that the total assessed values of those properties be reduced to $2.8 million dollars.

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