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Alta Sierra Residents Vote Today

Today is election day in Alta Sierra. The Alta Sierra Property Owners Association is having its first ever ballot election for open Board of Director’s seats. According to Nomination Committee Chair Julie Siegenthaler says that in the past there have always been the same amount of candidates as there are open seats.

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Ballots were mailed out between November 6 and November 8 and mail-in ballots needed to be received by Friday afternoon (November 29). The actual election is this morning. Friday afternoon, the nomination committee collected the mail-in ballots *

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The Association, and a neighborhood group that led a Board recall effort, are still waiting for an arbitration judge to decide several matters regarding the Board of Directors. The first issue is whether or not a recall election held in early November was valid. If it is deemed invalid, today’s election will decide Board membership. The justice will also decide what power the Board of Directors have regarding enforcement of codes, and regulations within Alta Sierra properties.

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