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Altercation at Thursday Night Market

An altercation between coordinators of Grass Valley’s Thursday Night Market and political activists got a little heated, and required police to step in. Chad Towe is from Rancho Murietta, and was gathering signatures last Thursday, protesting proposed legislation that would add a tax to ammunition (A-B 760). Towe says he walked away from the table for a few minutes, and left his son in charge, and police were there when he returned…

Listen to Chad Towe

Towe claims the Thursday Market official also took pens away and blocked people from signing the petition. Grass Valley Downtown Business Association President Julia Jordan says one of her staff denies obstructing people from signing, but admits to having taken down the cardtable…

Listen to Julia Jordan

Towe did not have a permit to be at the market. Grass Valley Police Sergeant Steve Johnson says officers did take information, but no enforcement action was taken…

Listen to Steve Johnson

Permits are required to have a booth at the market, but people are free to walk up and down the street to collect signatures. Towe says he and his son ended up going elsewhere to circulate the petition.

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