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Alternative Learning Site May Lose School Resource Officer

As a Safe Schools and Healthy Schools grant runs out, so does the School Resource Officer funding for Park Avenue Alternative Learning Site in Grass Valley as well as for schools in the Grass Valley School District and charter schools within Grass Valley city limits. The loss of a Resource Officer directly impacts the Park Avenue high school campus.
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Principal Marty Matheison says the School Resource Officer provides multiple levels of preventative, protective, and rehabilitative support to school administration, including building relationships.
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Having a law enforcement figure on campus helps to alleviate physical confrontations or respond quickly if one does arise.
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The presence of the SRO at Park Avenue, as well as clear expectations about consequences, has reduced many issues that exist at the school.
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The city is willing to explore options as Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller says discussions are taking place between the school district and the city to find funding for the SRO position.
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Principal Matheison hopes that a solution to retain a SRO can be developed before the start of school in the fall.

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