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Amazon Kindle Joins Public Library E-Books

As the popularity of e book readers grows, public libraries have been trying to keep up with the technology and offer books in that format to library users.  Nevada County Librarian Mary Ann Trygg says they started offering the service in January when people could start reading book on their computers Smartphones or on the Barnes and Noble Nook e-book reader.  Trygg says late last week   Amazon signed on its Kindle e-book reader with 11 thousand libraries across the nation.

“Now, if library users who have a library card with the Nevada County Library go to our library to go site. They can also check out e-books and read them on their kindle devices and before, in January when we started, that wasn’t the case. You had to have a different kind of reading device.”

Trygg says software to use the e book and audio book service is available at the library website.

“As people go to our website, the mynevadacounty.com/library website and they click on the right there on the front page on the overdrive, it’s called ‘library to go’ and then they can go and download software to checkout both e-books and audio books.”

e-books can be checked out for two weeks.  After that time the e-book disappears from your reader.

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