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American Pickers in Grass Valley

The crew from American Pickers was in the Grass Valley Nevada City Area today. American Pickers is a History Channel Show that features two men, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz along with their assistant Danielle Colby Cushman, as they scour the United States looking for collectibles that have been kept by interesting people in interesting places.

A conversation with History Channel and American Pickers staff confirmed that the crew has been in Northern California for a week and a half and are spending the day in Grass Valley picking a local resident’s property. The pickers, offer to buy collectibles which they can fix-up then resell to other interested collectors.

The trick to picking is to be able to get a seller to accept an offer that is high enough for the seller, yet low enough for the pickers to make a profit.

The show has been on the air since 2010 and is extremely popular as Mike, Dave, and Danielle dig through peoples garages, barns, and collections looking for the deal of the day.

The American Pickers Crew will be in northern California through the weekend. Sources were not at liberty to release the name or location of the Grass Valley Pick…but did say the crew is going to the Sacramento area after wrapping up in Nevada County.

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November 2, 2012

Jaynee Hubacz

We are most likely your #1 Fans in Auburn, Ca. Say where? We are near Grass Valley, Ca. Mid October I was traveling up to Grass Valley for an appt and stopped at a stop sign and crossing the intersection is the Americans Picker's white van! I truly tossed canceling my appt and racing after the white van. Bummer. My aching back won out. Nice to see you in Northern California. From a fan with Mid-West Values (born in Ames, Iowa) and California style. Our 2 kids love you as well. Jaynee Hubacz and Family

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