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…And the Survey Says….

Grass Valley residents won’t mind bigger businesses coming in, as long as they provide quality products at good prices, with good customer service. That’s the conclusion of a survey done by the City of Grass Valley. Economic Development Coordinator Jeri Amendola says several hundred respondents to the survey filled out questionnaires and took part in focus groups over the last few months.
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Amendola says for the most part, residents are happy with the smaller businesses in town, but often have complaints about the lack of variety, or that prices are too high. Also, many of those who took part in the survey would like to see some of the bigger so-called ‘box stores’ to come to town.

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Costco, Home Depot, Winco, and Walmart also were high on the list. The survey results also indicate that residents are not happy with the current larger retailers.

Click here to listen to Jeri Amendola

Amendola says the conclusions will be used to try to build a better relationship with both the bigger and smaller businesses in the area. Results of the survey will be presented at tonight’s City Council meeting.


July 24, 2013


It has been this way for a long time. Personally, I make it a point to drive to Auburn. I am boycotting Nevada county until they can embrace a free market model used by the rest of the country; allowing Hills Flat to build a big box store while denying lowes is not a free market.

Furthermore, if local merchants want us to pay a premium for their products and services, those merchants should pay their employees a living wage. Anyone who has grown up here knows what a crummy deal you get working for the local big box store families.

July 25, 2013


I too drive to Auburn & Roseville, but I do purchase the daily needs such as Food & Gas weekly in Grass Valley.
It is hard to find the variety & lower prices within Grass Valley & forget Nevada City that is a Tourist Town.

I would love to see larger business's in Nevada Co. for it brings more JOBS, & Revenue to our County.

However land seems to be a issue. Brunswick is so crowded now. Maybe there is good land at the south end of the county.I would not have to drive as far since I live in Alta Sierra.
I am looking forward to WalMart coming to Auburn.
Wonder if Costco is coming too.

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