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Animal Abuser Pleads No Contest

The man who tied Frankie the Dog to a tree and shot him in the face was in court yesterday at a pretrial conference where he entered a “no contest” plea for felony animal abuse charges. Placer County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph McInerney called Scooter’s Pals Executive Director Susan Wallace with the news about defendant Mark Pope.
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The probation department will the review the case and recommend sentencing. Pope is scheduled for a sentencing hearing in Placer County Court in Auburn on March 13.
Wallace says the trial wasn’t only about punishing Pope for abusing Frankie.
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Pope, who originally adopted Frankie from Scooter’s Pals, allegedly tied Frankie to a tree, shot him in the face and left him for dead when he decided he could no longer care for the dog.

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January 18, 2014

Vicki Sellers

Sick sick sick! I don't understand anyone that would want to harm a poor defenseless animal! I hope he gets a nice long sentence!

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