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Animal Shelter is Full

Sammie’s Friends Director, Cheryl Wicks who runs the Nevada County Animal Shelter is hoping to find some new homes for some nice cats and Dogs.

“For some reason, this past week, we’ve just gotten so many animals in, like one day we got 12, another day we got nine. Nearly every kennel of cats and dogs is full. We’ve got animals everywhere and we really need the public to come if you’ve been thinking about getting a dog or a cat, there couldn’t be a better time than right now.”

The Animal Shelter on McCourtney road is open from noon to 4 Monday through Saturday and their staff will help with the selection of your new pet.  Sammie’s Friends is also asking people to purchase pizza at the papa Murphy’s Pizza next to save Mart any time Tuesday (March 27th) as 20 percent of all sales from that day will go towards Sammie’s Friends.

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