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Another Film Crew in Town, Today in Grass Valley

Yesterday we told you about the film crew from the Travel Channel looking for ghosts at the National Hotel in Nevada City and today another independent film crew is filming a pilot for a TV series on paranormal activity at the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley. Holbrooke owner Ian Grafinkel says the crew out of Texas bought out the hotel for 2 days to do their filming but its business as usual otherwise.

“It’s going to be just like business as usual as far as the restaurant and bar, but they’re taking all the rooms in the hotel so there are going to be no rooms in the main building available and basically, we’re going to shut down a little early so that they can film all night long because they want to do this at night. So we’re going to shut down early and get out of here and let them do their thing.”

Garfinkel says this series titled “From cradle to Grave” tells some of the stories from Grass Valley’s past and the production company, Texas Outback Productions, is developing the show in hopes of pitching their idea to HBO for a series.

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