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Appeals Court Refuses to Rule on Penn Valley Building Permit

They knew it was a long shot , but Nevada County Counsel petitioned the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a lower courts decision on a site plan that the county was requiring of a Penn Valley Couple who wants to build a two story garage and office space on the ridgetop of their property on Pleasant Valley Rd.

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Co-County  Counsel, Michael Colantuono says the writ that the county took to the appeals court was an attempt to speed up the process. and save the county money.

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On May 19th Nevada County Superior court Judge Sean Dowling set aside the approval of the project and gave the Board of Supervisors two options, to do it again within 90 days or allow the Lockyers and Ericksons project to proceed without the conditions of approval requiring them to screen their project so it doesn’t affect the view of other properties.

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County Counsel Alison Barrrat Green says the Appeals court decision not to review the case is not based on the case  merits.

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No settlement negotiations are underway and the case will be headed to conference to set a date for trial, probably 6 months away.

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