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Arbor Day is Celebrated All Week

Governor Jerry Brown has proclaimed   March 7th as Arbor Day and all week   Cal Fire is partnering with California Relief in encouraging people, and cities to plant trees. Cal Fire Information Officer Daniel Berlant says the importance of trees cannot be over emphasized. He says trees are important to the environment, climate and economy. During this week people are encouraged to plant a tree that fits with their area.

“We’re asking everybody to think of trees and remember why trees are so valuable and, in fact, we’re asking them to go out and plant a tree. The weather is perfect for planting, so take advantage of the good weather, go to your local nursery, get a tree that is good for your area and plant it and see the value that it’s going to provide for your environment.”

People are encouraged to plan for the future when planting the tree. Know how big the trees will get and where the root system will go and where power and telephone lines are. Trees can be purchased at any local nursery. Arbor Week runs through March fourteenth.

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