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Arlo Guthrie in Grass Valley Tonight

“This Land is Your Land”

His father wrote that song in 1940, but Arlo Guthrie will be singing it in Grass Valley tonight. Guthrie’s concert is part of the final leg of a tour commemorating the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie…

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The show is called ‘Here Come the Kids’. Arlo is one of seven children, and only one of two boys, so growing up, Arlo was always referred to as Woody Guthrie’s son. Arlo says that wasn’t such a bad thing…

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Now Arlo’s kids are musicians, and his son Abe is a keyboard player in the show. Guthrie says you will not hear his well-known ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ tonight. He’s saving that for his next tour, which will begin next year…

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The 67 year-old Guthrie says you will hear City of New Orleans, Coming into Los Angeles, and the Motorcyle Song, as well as many Woody Guthrie tunes. The show, presented by the Center for the Arts, is at 8pm at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Building.

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