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ART OnSite Presents Sculptor Daniel Brickman in Conversation with Julie Baker

ART Onsite  unveiled  their first public art works project last September  that featured works from eight international artists installed along the nine-mile Deer Creek Tribute Trail, in Nevada City.   The idea was for each artist to create pieces that best interpret the culture, history and ecology of the Deer Creek watershed.   Sculptor Daniel Brickman’s much discussed piece, “Nevada City Alchemy” sought inspiration from the area’s rich mining history and our four legged friends by drawing a correlation between the two and the notion of dealing responsibly with the environment.  Brickman says  a lot of people were walking their dogs the day he visited the trail, which gave him the inspiration.
Click here to listen to Daniel Brickman

DanielBrickmanBrickman says the sculptures were made of fired ceramic each unique and five times normal size painted with a gold luster and placed on the trail where people could walk around them.

Daniel-2Last fall, shortly after installation, Brickman’s sculptures were the target of vandalism, which resulted in four of five sculptures being destroyed. This Sunday ART OnSite Presents Sculptor Daniel Brickman  in a conversation with Grass Valley Center for the Arts Director Julie Baker. they will discuss the inspiration for his work , the community’s reaction to the work, and what was learned from the experience.
Click here to listen to Daniel Brickman

The event will be at Elixart Art tasting Room 408 Broad Street in Nevada City from  4:30 – 6:30 p.m. There is a $10 charge.

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