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ART OnSite Project on Deer Creek Trail

ART Onsite  will unveil their first public art works project this Saturday which aims to bring people and the natural environment together in an innovative and artistic way. The project features works from eight international artists installed along the nine-mile Deer Creek Tribute Trail, in Nevada City. Project Chair, Nancy Fleming says each artist was selected based on proposals that best interpret the culture, history and ecology of the Deer Creek watershed. The works range from hidden cameras capturing the flora and fauna on the trail to sculptures made with natural found materials to an interactive naturalist’s treasure hunt.  *
click to listen to Nancy Fleming
Saturday people are invited to come to deer-creek-trail-sign-2Robinson Plaza in Nevada City  at 10 o’clock for a short presentation and to meet all of the artists involved.  The artists will then go to the Deer Creek trail  site to talk about their particular art piece and answer questions.  ART OnSite is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts-Our Town Initiative.

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