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ASA-NC Ready to File Initiative

After failed attempts to get Nevada County officials to mediate proposed changes to the Nevada County Marijuana Ordinance, Americans for Safe Access- Nevada County is prepared to file a new initiative to make changes to medical marijuana cultivation regulations.
ASA-Nevada County Chairperson, Patricia Smith says the organization made final changes to the initiative at Tuesday night’s meeting.
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Smith says the big difference between the current ordinance and ASA’s proposal is removing square footage and returning to plant count limits of 6 plants per patient. The initiative also addresses collective grows.
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If a garden is in a a residential neighborhood, ASA’s initiative also addresses nuisance factors.
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ASA plans to file the initiative tomorrow and then will wait for the County’s response which is to provide a title and summary for the initiative. At that point the signature gathering process begins.
Click here to listen to Patricia Smith

Once the signatures are verified, Smith says the county has the right to accept the initiative as written or move forward with a special election.
ASA’s  Initiative will be posted on the website www.ASA-NC.com so people will have an opportunity to review it and make comments about the content.

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