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Assault Victim Arrested on Sex Crimes

Investigation continues on an incident that was reported last week (Thursday) by the Nevada County Sheriff’s. Deputies had responded to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital regarding a person who received injuries in an assault.

“We contacted our victim in this case, a Sean Gibbons, age 23, lives in the 16,000 block of Pasquale. Apparently he told officers that he was hit in the head by an unknown suspect while he was retrieving his trash can from the end of his driveway. He fell to the ground and the same person put something around his neck and began to strangle him.”

An Ambulance responded and Gibbons was taken to the hospital where Deputies continue their investigation.

“As we dug deeper into this, we found that he was a parolee. As the investigation continued, we found that he may possibly be responsible for a 17 year old female being pregnant, which is against the law, that’s unlawful intercourse with a minor.”

Gibbons was arrested for parole violation and sex crimes.  The Sheriff’s says deputies also went through the text messages

on Gibbons cell phone to attempt to determine who may have assaulted him, The sheriff says they discovered Gibbons has a number of enemies. The investigation is ongoing.

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