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Assembly District 1 Republican Battle

Two candidates both republicans are in the  race for California’s newly drawn District 1 Assembly seat. Rick Bosetti is a business owner and former professional athlete and a current member of the Redding City Council.   Brian Dahle is a third generation farmer and  Lassen County supervisor.  In an earlier interview with KNCO, Bosetti painted himself as a man who will fight to hold the fiscal line and make it easier to do business in California.  Bosetti cites his success on pension and healthcare reform in Redding, and counters the charge that he is too liberal for a republican.

Click here to listen to Rick Bosetti
Brian Dahle says his top priorities are reducing the size of state government, protecting  individual property rights  and access to water for Assembly district 1.  Dahle  says his work as a Lassen County Supervisor proves he can lead.

Click here to listen to Brian Dahle

Rick Bosetti was born in Redding and has spent the past six years on the Redding City Council.  Brian Dahle operates a family farm in Lassen County and has been a Lassen County Supervisor for the past sixteen years.

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